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Fun in the Sun with Isabella Keyes

Fun in the Sun with Isabella Keyes


Hi! My name is Isabella Keyes.

I am ten years old and am one of the kid chefs at Keyes Ingredients.  

Today I am going to tell you about three of my favorite pool side foods. My top favorite food by the pool is watermelon! It’s nutritious and delicious! It is super hydrating and it replaces electrolytes that you lose through sweat. 


My second favorite snack is nachos. Nachos used to be my good snack, but now they’re my GREAT snack! I made them better by replacing the GMO chips with non-GMO chips. Our chips also have flax seeds in them and flax seeds have great health benefits like being high in fiber and Omega 3. 



My third favorite pool side food is a big, juicy, burger! I love getting out of the pool and chomping down on one. It is another one of my favorite foods that was good, but now is great. I changed out a conventionally raised burger patty for a grass fed beef burger and I also switched out a regular burger bun for a wonderful lettuce bun. 

Those are my top three favorite pool side foods, watermelon, nachos and burgers. Thanks for reading! 

Keep Hydrated and Eat Well, 


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About Michelle

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website! I'm a stay at home mom raising two wonderful kids, and it's my goal to educate people that there is more to food than meets the eye.

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