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Top 10 Healthy Lunches – To Go

Top 10 Healthy Lunches – To Go

Guest Post by:  Angela Debellis

“The Keyes Ingredients” is a site I visit multiple times a day, and like many of you I follow on Facebook.  Whether you have just discovered the Keyes family or have followed this site  from the beginning, I’m sure you will agree that food and food ideas have never been better!

 I have been blessed to have been able to “follow” Michelle and all her creative ideas my whole life.  She is my older sister.
My son Nicholas, from a young age had various food sensitivities.  With the guidance and direction of my sweet sister and brother-in-law, we began a process of trial and error by food elimination.
After removing various food items from his diet, we discovered that he was gluten/wheat intolerant and extremely sensitive to all artificial colors, flavors, and dyes found in many processed foods.  His fevers sent us to the ER many times. Seeing how these foods affected him, led us to learn more about various ingredients.   And the more we learned – the more particular we became about the foods our family eats.
One of the biggest challenges of eating a clean diet is eating clean when you are out.  Although there may sometimes be a healthier option, the word “healthy” has become subjective.  I’ve found the healthiest option for our family is to be prepared and bring our own snacks and lunches when venturing out.
It doesn’t have to be a chore.  Many of the foods can be prepped and ready to go, in your refrigerator.  Little by little, you begin to form healthy habits, and soon enough it just becomes part of your routine.  I wouldn’t leave my house without my cooler bag no more than I would leave without brushing my teeth or putting on my shoes.
I firmly believe children learn what they live.  Believe it or not, your children look up to you, and when they watch you enjoying nutrient packed snacks and lunches they will want to eat what you eat.  Both of my children, Anthony and Nicholas are a part of making, packing and eating just about everything.
Make your kids a part of it, they can help prep foods, or pack the cooler so that they too develop healthy routines.
Here are our family’s  Top 10 to go:
1  Grass fed beef or chicken tacos

2. Salads – mixed greens topped with cheese, hard boiled eggs, olives, seeds, and nuts, Caesar, Greek, tomato & cucumber, coleslaw, tomato caprese

3. Lettuce wraps (cheese, ham, turkey wrapped in iceburg lettuce)

photo (4)
4. Grainless chicken fngers & raw veggies

5. Eggs – omelettes, quiche, kale & pepper bites, hardboiled, or fried

6. Assortment of cheeses, beef pepperettes, olives, pickles, Carson’s crackers, veggies & hummus

7. Thermos options – soups, stews, chili, purposeful left overs

8. Fried or poached egg on sprouted grain English muffin / bread

photo (3)
9. Mini- Pizzas (spelt or quick pizzas on sprouted grain English muffin)
10. Quesadilla (sprouted grain wraps) with leftover chicken, veggies and salsa
We hope you enjoy!

Guest post by Michelle’s Sister,  Angela Debellis


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